Scope of RIKEN-UMD Data Assimilation Conference 2015
Data assimilation

As our view of the earth system has broadened to encompass coupled physical, chemical, and biological systems, as well as human dimensions, monitoring and forecasting the earth system are increasingly challenging, due to the increasing complexity of computational models and observation networks and the necessity to embrace Big Data. The RIKEN-UMD Data Assimilation Conference 2015 aims to contribute to the advancement of data assimilation (DA) as interdisciplinary science beyond the current capacity of numerical prediction. By bringing together experts at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (RIKEN), University of Maryland (UMD), and surrounding US operational and research centers, desired outcome includes: i) identification of the new research directions where interdisciplinary approach is a key to DA, and ii) development of active collaboration plans.

7-9 October 2015
Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center
University of Maryland, USA
Registration officially cosed on 31 August 2015.


Last Update: October 2015